Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, April 6, 2015

When you Impact an ATHLETE'S Life

What an incredible feeling to realize that you have the potential to impact a persons life with a special gift of touch, intuition and knowledge.  

I'm amazed every day when I'm sent little messages either thru a text, email, phone call or on Facebook.  Clients, Marines, Sailors & Athletes .... They are all equally appreciative of the profound improvements they receive through the application of my brand of muscular therapy sports massage.

This specialty brand of sports massage has been "tested" and is spot on with the desired results you are looking for:
• decrease in pain
• increase in overall muscular movement 
• increase in overall neurological input 
• increase in overall physical capabilities
• increase in mental attitude 

A few other things it addresses as well (just to name a few)
• realigns fascial planes
• addresses contracted, adhearded and restricted muscle tissue
• decreases scar tissue formation
• improves circulatory & lymphatic flow

There is a lot of science behind the methodology on how we work.  This is not just haphazard, we have studied the cause & effect of how, why & when of this approach... The USMT Model.  There are protocols we put in place for a proper recovery and healing process. 

We have also studied, utilized and implemented the following modalities into our work:
• ice massage (3 various applications)
• IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) 
• Rock Tape & Kineiso Taping (certified in both)

We are Experts on the muscular system ... That is the cornerstone of a solid foundation.  How can anyone expect improvements from you if you don't know the core subject matter your dealing with: Muscles

I have designed a model -a methodology on how to treat & "trick" the body to do what you ( the practitioner) wants it to do, with a proven and progressive recovery format.  YES, it does work and NO it's not a gimmic. 

It's just not the NORM in massage therapy.... It's not what was taught in massage school ... It was developed out of frustration: there's gotta be a better way to sustain continuous improvements for longer than 2 days!  This model was born after working with and being mentored by the best of the best athletic trainers, sports physical therapists and  chiropractors along with a few medical doctors and surgeons on the Olympic level. 

I have a little "catch phrase" I love using & it's SO TRUE... 
I'm a little decepticon & transformer - I use "deception" to "transform" you! 

I use "trickery" to get the body to do what I want it to do... I change the rules of the game.  I have created a way where your body will respond to the work and you will get the desired out come your looking for. 

But let's be realistic.... I (we) can not change the outcome of the following:

• birth defects
• amputations
• paralysis -spinal cord injuries
• complications from surgeries

I (we) can help improve issues associated with  those injuries but not completely resolve them.

Yes, this is a specialized methodology with years of training and understanding. And YES I LOVE what I do!!

So, when you put your passion to work... Miracles do happen!  That's everyday for me!

Always & with the Glitter!


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