Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summertime Update July 23- August 16 2015

Hey hey hey, it's been a minute since updating everyone but I've been on the GO! (Actually that's no excuse but it's the truth)

It's been a very busy & active summer for sure and still have a few weeks left until school starts up and the fall sports events come to an end and I can " slow down" a bit... But does that ever really happen?  Not yet but I'm hoping soon.

June & July had me "crewing" my Ultra Running friends in a few long distant runs along with a beach run..  The Ultras consisted of 50 miles & 100 miles.  My job was to provide support.. Food, water, first aid ( if needed) and of course sports massage at the end... Makes for long days and when it's all said & done... I need a massage!!  I have one more Ultra running event this season... It's in RI this coming Friday & Saturday.

I participated in the Sand-sational 8K with my Team USMT running (almost completely stacked with Marines) I love these tactical athletes, hard charging to the corps!! ... They all did rather well... Medals all around, makes me really proud to be part of their success~ of course they are physically fit for all of their athletic endeavors, they work hard at being & staying in shape. (That's their job). I just help keep them injury free and when muscular injuries do occur, I'm there to get them in a healthy healing environment. 

Injury malingering is NOT ALLOWED!

So far everyone is doing well while I've been away and working in the RI USMT office... Of course everyone wants to see me while I'm there (in RI) but only had the opportunity to fit in about 24 clients-athletes on this visit... Good times and really enjoyed seeing and being in the office with my #PIC Kristen 😎

One thing I wanted to do while on my "vacation" was to ride the West Warwick-Coventry Bike path- man it was well worth the wait!!  I so wish there were bike paths like that in NC where I live, but it gives me something to look forward to when I come & visit. (Logged in over 50 miles of bike riding on this trip- does that qualify me as an ultra bike rider?)

Legs didn't want to work for a few days ... Sports Massage Therapist up!!!

It's also been fun driving around in the "Rolling Bill Board" - it's Bright, Bold & Flashy!!  Generates a lot of questions - gets the conversation going and it allows me to educate people on what I do.

Life is good and I'm grateful 


PS, I'll be back to Wallace Creek (Camp LeJeune) on August 17th ..& ready to ROLL!!!