Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lake Placid Olympic Training Center Day 1&2

Well I've safely made my way to the LPOTC and settled in.  Got in Sunday and immediately set my massage work station up and then relaxed for the remainder of the day... it was pretty low key around here... the athletes are slowly making their way in for Team Trials. 

We have Bobsled, Skeleton, Luge and Biathlon athletes on deck ( yes, I am using some of my military jargon) there is a lot of mixed emotions & intense energy.. this is serious business because at the end of this two week period the national team will be announced and everyone wants to be on it.. but the reality is not everyone will.

I'm here for the Bobsled - Skeleton Team Trials but will be working with the athletes that are placed on my schedule.

I decided from my experience that I would better serve the athletes and also not go crazy if I picked a later shift to work.  So, I'm scheduled from 1-7 with a small break at 4.  This allows me to get my exercise - running done in the morning and any personal things that need to be taken care of prior to "flipping the switch" and becoming a MACHINE in BEAST MODE while providing that "BONE CRUSHING SPORTS MASSAGE" that all athletes who have worked with me have come to expect. 

True Story

These athletes & coaches really gave me a genuine welcoming when I arrived.  That's pretty special and impressive considering there is a long list of volunteer massage therapists and local massage therapists that work with them on a regular basis.

 Hard work pays off !!  You can't substitute Quality   I AM QUALITY ... I have spent my entire career developing QUALITY and I will never lower my standards... step up or step aside because this freight train will run you over!!  ( I know some will think that's extremely arrogant, it's not... it's my confidence and I dislike working with slugs - slobs - anyone who doesn't treat what it is that I do as a professional service for the benefit of my athletes or any athlete )

Ok, off my rant for the time being....

Monday was a good day, saw 10 athletes
Tuesday ( today) plans on being another action packed day.. 10 more athletes

I was also able to get in 2 days of good running ( I'm still rehabbing my right hamstring & calf)

But super excited about something new I have been introduced to.. I won't utilize this new technique here... I have to master it first and then start implementing it with my MARINES ( they are my Tactical Athletes and my first priority when not with my Olympic Athletes)

I haven't seen Peter yet (he's my mentor - I learn so much from him) but when I do.. I know I'll be picking up some new things from him as well... this is why I occasionally take a hiatus from Camp Lejeune - Wallace Creek & New River Fitness Centers... so I can learn new innovating - cutting edge treatments for my Marine Athletes! ( actually any client that needs my help)

I'm excited about this trip, but it's a double edged sword.. I can't wait to get back and start treating my Marines & athletes with this new information!

And for inquiring  minds... I have to do linens every night to be ready for the next day...

I'm out for now..

Glitter & Bow
On my final "leg" into the LPOTC

I think this says it all #USMT on Deck

Of course you got a have a "selfie"

Dinning Hall Motivation

My work station for the week


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