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Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why are these 2 things so difficult in the Massage Field?

This past week has been a mental challenge dealing with and interacting with various individuals in the massage field.  Let me take you one step at a time through each situation ( I'll use 2 scenarios)

The first one has been a face to face, day to day interaction - whether it's been actual contact, verbal interaction or through texting.  It's been a struggle.

I have been developing the way I work for a long time with the help from my mentors who are not massage therapist and who have contributed significantly to the creation of me & the USMT Brand and methodology - they have taught me invaluable lessons, techniques and have continued to spark the passion I have for this service I provide to  .. YOU .. My Athletes, My Marines & My Clients ... There is a standard that has been established and I will not lower it... In fact I will continue to raise the bar!  Why you ask?.. Because that is my commitment to you ... To always be the best and to grow & develop to meet the current needs and embrace the new trends and be ever mindful of the information that has been overlooked.  I want to be the guy who is going to be there to pick it up and run with it. 

So with that said, let's get back to the story at hand: Hiring a new potential massage therapist.  It's not easy, every one says the same things; I want to work,  I do a lot of deep tissue at the current spa I work at and so on... I listen to the story they tell.  It's painful because at the end of the day I know I'm going to be disappointed.  It happens, I know this and expect it every time .. I tell these potential MT's  " don't tell me what you think I want to hear".. I want therapists who are going to back up what they say .. Everyday!  I also tell them I am not an easy person to work for or with ( until you figure out the work ethic and the specific ways I want the USMT operation to run) 

It usually takes a good 3-5 months to really grasp the USMT BRAND and what it represents and its methodology.  For the smart ones they pay attention, ask questions &  SACRIFICE and hold on for dear life because it can be bumpy but exciting ride at the same time!  

Don't be mad when I say.. 
I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR PHONE (for good reason )
BE PRESENTABLE ( if you look like a wrinkled suit, no one will give you an opportunity) 
BE KNOWLEDGABLE ( if you don't know something, say you don't, then make that weakness a strength)
STATE your specialty 

SHOW UP ON TIME ( that means 30 minutes before your shift starts) so you can set up and be prepared for the day

I'm from New Englad so I'm colorful, direct and have a no nonsense approach to things.. Sometimes things are not received well because I will not be politically correct! That you can count on.

I'm a Sports Massage Therapist with years of experience on providing specific results for ALL clients who come to see me and that's what I expect from those who want to work with me... If you have what it takes, you listen and follow directions and have thick skin ( so your feelings don't get hurt) you too can be Super Uber Successful ASK Kristen Paradise or  Kaela Rise Gentile they'll tell you. 

This past week I had to deal with "walking chaos", excuses, lateness, poor advertising / marketing skills and "hurt feelings" things I don't have time for... I'm still shaking my head. 

I'm not sure if this MT will show up for work on Tuesday.. We will see?

I will not lower the standards, not for anyone....

Then I see a Twitter post... So I respond ~ only to have the original poster come back with a few "angry" almost to the point of name calling responses.  My response to one of them was
"Agree to dissagree" because I'm not going to give my services away for free... What value is in free?

When you provide results and you develop a successful way to reschedule clients (that also pass the word about your amazing talent) there is no need to give your services away for free.

So, When civic leaders, organizational members , church clergy and yes, even sports event / race directors contact you about providing massage or chair massage at their events... It's up to you to set the tone... RIGHT AWAY.. ( sure, this is what my event fee is for X amount of time) We all have choices, make yours a smart one.

So I have come to some kind of conclusion that 99% of the massage field thinks they need to have a gimmick or have "specials" or continuously discount their massage prices to get people in the door and on their tables..?? WHY!!!

This subject is a constant.. But 2 things I know:
1. I will not be discounting my prices 
2. I will not waste valuable time on MT's who are not willing to let go of bad habits, and don't want to learn new things ( I don't want to hear.. That's not what I learned in school) REALLY!!!


I might have rambled on in my ranting, but it's good to get it out sometimes.

with the Glitter and Power Red Bow!