Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Friday, July 29, 2016

RIO 2016 - Sports Massage Therapists Journey

Lori-Ann Gallant-Heilborn, LMT

Hello Everyone..  well, here I am but really it's WE - because I'm here with an incredible bunch of sports medical professionals.  Thats what makes up this fabulous Sports Med Team...  We are Team Lonier - High Performance Sports medicine professionals

Lee Feris, LMT

Amanda Jones, MSPT - ATC

Kevin DeWeber, MD

 So we have been on site here at Lonier for almost a week setting up the sports medical high performance facility.  There has been a steady trickle of athletes and coaching staff arriving on a daily basis - Im not going to lie, it's EXCITING!

We have all settled into a daily routine waiting for training and competition schedules.  We are staying busy.  Doc Weber and Celeste keep us updated on new information and always in a flexible mode... things can and will change in a moment.

I'll be here supporting the athletes from the US Delegation until about the 22nd of August!  This is extremely exciting and a complete honor to be here representing and working with our nations top athletes!  Go Team USA!!  

I will keep you all updated on this exciting adventure called the Olympic Games! RIO2016