Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, August 1, 2016

RIO 2016 - 1 Week In

My massage table & work station

Entrance to Sports Med

The signage here is so MOTO!

Covered walk way heading to Sports Med

Amanda & I at the base of Christ The Redeemer

View from the base of the statute

There are 172 stairs total, we climb them  daily

Selfie with a downward view

Well, here it is officially 1 (one) week being in RIO and gearing up for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.  Its been exciting along with the challenges of getting into a couple of routines.  Things like; what athletes are on the compound and when are their practices?  How many additional athletes & coaches show up each day and where do we start adding their post recovery treatments into the mix.  there is also the occasional switch in training schedules and locations - are they coming to our location or staying at the village?  So needless to say we are on the ever "flexible" end of things.. but perfectly fine by me.  I know from experience it's only going to ramp up with more intensity within this last week leading up to official Opening Ceremonies on Friday August 5th!!  

I am truly EXCITED!! 

Other things we  are figuring out is our daily exercise regiments - we need to stay sharp and be focused, the exercise part I think keeps us on target. I feel like my mental, physical & emotional parts are all synced up right now which is awesome.  It's also nice to wake up and be in a peaceful place as well.

We ( the medical staff) had a day off on Saturday and headed up to Christ the Redeemer - ( not that I'm a super religious person) but was in awe and inspired by its majesty and the beautiful churches in the little town at the base of the mountain.  What a Magical view from above.  From where I could stand and see the Olympic Venues it looks pretty cool... we could even see some of the rowers on the water practicing... pretty cool!

So, Ive had a steady flow of athletes on my massage table- which is super motivating ( you gotta see this massage table) and the case load will continue to grow... I say "BRING IT"  that's why I'm here.

I'm living the dream people - hard work, sacrifice and determination does pay off!   Go Team USA!!

I'm out for now... picking up my clinic shift

Always & with the Glitter!

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