Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, November 13, 2016

IASTM for Massage Therapists

Well, here it is- the official IASTM Training for Massage Therapists on my terms.  I finally "pulled the trigger" and picked a time & location.  IASTM for Massage Therapists will take place in Orlando Florida on the weekend of January 27-29th 2017.   Cost is $350.00 - as of right now it is a certification class only ( I'm hoping my CE package is approved prior to class - if so, then all participants will receive 20 CE's for the training) 

Some of my fellow massage therapists know this and some don't - we ( massage therapists) have been left out of this training for many years by a certain company that I will not name - HOWEVER our time has arrived and I am taking this valuable knowledge and training to the masses in Massage therapy.  

I have been personally using tools since 2007 where I started to develop my expertise use of them before actually implementing them in sessions for the benefit of my clients and athletes.  I found that we use these tools differently in a massage session than other medical providers in the sports medicine field.  We have a place here as long as we recognize the importance of understanding the science behind the approach.  

As a massage therapist working along side the best of the best in the sports medicine world you MUST know your muscles ( inside and out) along with the skeletal system and the various organ systems of the body and how they react to a IASTM treatment.  You must also have a vast knowledge of sports injuries and medical conditions to be able to apply the IASTM principles for a successful treatment for your clients & athletes.

I'm excited to be presenting this training to my peers in the massage field! 🇺🇸

Let me know if you have questions



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