Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Monday, February 20, 2017

New Hours

Starting March 27th 2017 this will be happening - new office hours. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bobsled Worlds

February 13th - Day 1 World Cup Championships 

Settled in - got a great nights sleep and hit the ground running this morning.  The athletes are up and at the track - today is the start of team practice runs, we (Team USA) got the early morning runs - this I particularly like - that way I get to watch them train, chat with them about what they want to focus on in their sessions later in the evening and have a solid game plan once I start working with minimal changes to treatment or schedule.   I always enjoy watching them warm up before they actually take to the ice.

Have I mentioned how beautiful it is here?  Well, it is and I'm grateful to be here with this awesome group of athletes! Go Team USA 🇺🇸 

Friday, February 10, 2017

USMT going to Bobsled World Champiopnships 2017

It's that time of year again.. I'll be heading out tomorrow morning for a trip to Europe where I'll be working with the US National Bobsled - Skeleton Team for World Championships in Konigssee Germany.  I am excited about this trip - our TEAM has performed AMAZINGLY this year and are sitting pretty sweetly heading into this competition prior to the 2018 Winter Olympics!

I can't believe I have worked with this team for the past 9+ years!  

I'll be posting while I'm away so stay tuned!

Always & with the Glitter!

New IASTM Training - Warwick RI

The next scheduled IASTM for Massage Therapist NCBTMB Approved Course will be March 17-19th 2017 in Warwick RI

Course is 350.00 per participant  ( square invoice will be sent per request)
IASTM Tool is 150.00 (optional)

1 Thurber Street
Warwick RI 02886

Time: March 17th 6-10 PM   March 18th 8-5 PM    March 19th  8-5 PM

Each participant will need to bring a set of linens, face cradle cover and 2 hand towels along with massage table. 

Any questions - please inquire, I'm here to answer your questions

Thanks & with the Glitter!

IASTM Course in Florida... January 2017

USMT EDucation Tool  " ED"
I have to say.. My first official NCBTMB Approved course on IASTM for Massage Therapists was a HUGE Success!

I couldn't have asked for a better group of therapists to assist me - Thank you Kristen Paradise and Kaela Rose Gentile... What a great experience.

The excitement of finally "rolling" this class out to my profession.. Massage Therapy was amazing to say the least.

It felt really good to be back to teaching again as well.. on my own terms.  The class went smoothly, the participants were awesome.. Small class size to make sure the material is delivered properly along with quality 1 on 1 hands on interaction while learning the IASTM techniques and handling the tools.  So, moving forward that will be the standard 10 participants per class.  I want to keep it QUALITY  over  QUANTITY.

We did introduce a wide variety of  metal tools so participants in the class could see and experience the various tools.  However, I am rolling out a USMT EDucation tool specifically for My classes, that way there will be no future issues / problems that pop up.

There is a huge amount of responsibility here with this training and I have worked on this project and developed the curriculum over a long period of time specifically for Massage Therapist - I intend to raise the bar moving our specialty niche in sports massage and injury prevention to the next level. 

There is only one way to get certified in IASTM for Massage Therapists with 20 Approved CE's  - take the course, you won't be disappointment!

If you have any questions about what IASTM is, please ask.
If you are interested in taking the course, please inquire about the next scheduled one.

Always & with the Glitter!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Year has begun!

So ~ yesterday was the first day back to the office in the New Year.  I received a lot of calls and text messages about scheduling a massage or if there was any availability this coming week.  This excites me as I know it's going to be a fun filled and action packed year ahead.

I also received a "911" call from a Navy Corpsman, he tweaked his back.  he wasn't sure on how he did it but just the same he was in pain and was going crazy trying to find someone to help him out. The problem was it was Monday - the day right after new years - NO ONE WAS WORKING...  but I was, The USMT office was open & operational.  We know the mission.. our Military!

I know that some will say that we need to take care of ourselves first, yup - you are correct and I had all weekend (off) to do that.  I don't treat my career or my profession like a "hobby" or a "part time gig" - I'm serious about what I do and for the Athletes, Clients, Marines, Sailors & Navy Corpsman I work with here in Camp Lejeune.  They are the MISSION!

Interesting as it is.. I had the opportunity to work with two brothers yesterday ( their dad is a Marine) One is a Pleb at Annapolis and the other is at NC state - he plays on the football team.  I've been working with these young men since they were both in HS.  Both of them asked me similar questions while they were getting worked on... and it was something like this:
"How often do you look for new ways to treat people?"  I was curious as to why they would ask me this after working with them for so long.. they both said ( in their own words ) that they have had others work on them but never seem to feel like the work they get targets the issues that plague them but I can always zero in on the trouble spots and resolve them until they "wreck" their bodies again. 

I toss that up to continually seeking new answers, new technology, new and improved ways to address the soft tissue muscular dysfunctions the body presents thru physical activities... and that is for all clients I see... not just athletes or Marines... EVERYONE.

That is a commitment I will always stick by... I will remain being Elite at what I do!

Always & with the Glitter!
( don't let the glitter deceive you)

Sunday, January 1, 2017


The incredible thing about this training is we ( USMT) have the ability to introduce you to the leading brands of tool options on the market - you can make the decision to choose what's best for you

Happy New Year 2017

2017 IS GOING TO BE #EPIC #PRODUCTIVE #FANTASTIC #EVENTFUL #EXCITING … are you getting the message here… hang on because we  are  headed  for one heck of an amazing adventure!

USMT 2017 moto is:  Think positive – Be Positive !