Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lake Placid NY Bound VIA Fredericksburg VA & East Greenwich RI

Just a little update on my travels heading to Lake Placid New York for the US Luge Team... I had an outstanding time spent with my son & his little family...  It was very nice and relaxing and Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. ( and no I didn't over eat)  I used some very good discipline.. I do have that from time to time.  After spending a few days in VA, I moved on to RI ~ What an adventure that was!  When I travel ( drive) I can pretty much tolerate most things EXCEPT CT traffic jams- and they apparently happen for no reason at all... UGGGG... I spent 4 hours in that state, 3 more than I would have liked!

Tomorrow ( Monday morning) I'll start my drive to Lake Placid, but before I leave RI I will be delivering Kristen & Kaela's massage tables back to them from the MCM weekend.  I'm the keeper of the gear- so now I'm returning it.  Plus it gives me a chance to see them in person!  I really miss these two!!

My time in Lake Placid will be action packed of course, I already know that the first 2 days of having Luge back to the states and in the OTC will be slammed.  But I know what I have signed up for and I'm up for the challenge.

But I will tell you all that the most exciting part of being in Lake Placid will be that I will be working for my mentor.. you know the guy that teaches me new things and gets my creative thoughts going... all for the benefit of you! My Athletes, My Marines and My Clients

Ill touch base this coming week after the RUSH is over and update you on my adventure!

Always & with the Glitter!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On The Move Again!... Lake Placid OTC Bound

Bumble Bee got a new look

Really Proud of My accomplishements

My "ALTER EGO" cause I CRUSH it like a BOSS!

For when I use my DECEPTION...

You gotta have FUN in life!

 So, today I'll be wrapping up my last day in the USMT office BEFORE I head out for my final assignment of the year. I'm Lake Placid bound... I'll be working with the US National Luge Team.   Im pretty excited about this since I have never worked with them one on one.... HOWEVER, I will not be driving "Bumble Bee" as it is cold and snowing up in LP New York... Ill be driving the "Big Guy"!     So keep an eye out for me on the drive as you can follow my adventures in the Elite level of sports massage and seriously "living the dream"!    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

IASTM for Massage Therapists

Well, here it is- the official IASTM Training for Massage Therapists on my terms.  I finally "pulled the trigger" and picked a time & location.  IASTM for Massage Therapists will take place in Orlando Florida on the weekend of January 27-29th 2017.   Cost is $350.00 - as of right now it is a certification class only ( I'm hoping my CE package is approved prior to class - if so, then all participants will receive 20 CE's for the training) 

Some of my fellow massage therapists know this and some don't - we ( massage therapists) have been left out of this training for many years by a certain company that I will not name - HOWEVER our time has arrived and I am taking this valuable knowledge and training to the masses in Massage therapy.  

I have been personally using tools since 2007 where I started to develop my expertise use of them before actually implementing them in sessions for the benefit of my clients and athletes.  I found that we use these tools differently in a massage session than other medical providers in the sports medicine field.  We have a place here as long as we recognize the importance of understanding the science behind the approach.  

As a massage therapist working along side the best of the best in the sports medicine world you MUST know your muscles ( inside and out) along with the skeletal system and the various organ systems of the body and how they react to a IASTM treatment.  You must also have a vast knowledge of sports injuries and medical conditions to be able to apply the IASTM principles for a successful treatment for your clients & athletes.

I'm excited to be presenting this training to my peers in the massage field! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Let me know if you have questions


Monday, October 17, 2016


This is my usual spot I sit at when in the dinning hall at the LPOTC - I'm here for the week providing my special brand of sportsmassage to the #bobsled and #skeleton #athletes competing for a spot on the US National Bobsled & Skeleton Team 

Today starts off with orientation ( mostly for the new sports medical volunteers) a refresher for me and then start my shift at 1 pm.  My work station is set up and I'm ready to go!

It will be a fantastic week - the athletes and coaches I have encountered so far have been amazing - you can't hide genuine excitement- you just can't!

So with that I will confidently and GLITTERLY go on with my day πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ€πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ

Sports Massage at Team Trials

So, here I am back at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center.. it's Bobsled & Skeleton season and I'm at team trials.  Its a stacked house this year with a significant amount of new athletes trying to break into the sport and there are some former athletes coming back.. but it all comes down to the next two weeks who's going to be on the official National Team.  So, we will see.

My job.. I'll be providing sports massage- my special brand that the athletes have come to like and expect.  Performance based treatments.
 and yes.. #Jack and friends are here too!

I'm not here to impress anyone, just doing what I do.  Facilitating my obligation and then I'm out... heading back to my Marines. 

My work station is set up for the week and I'm ready to go!

I'll touch base later on - you know how the week is going and the hub bub of whats going on with athletes. ( you know I won't be posting pictures or names- that's not my style) But you'll know what I'm talking about

I'm out ~ Glitter and all!


Monday, August 1, 2016

RIO 2016 - 1 Week In

My massage table & work station

Entrance to Sports Med

The signage here is so MOTO!

Covered walk way heading to Sports Med

Amanda & I at the base of Christ The Redeemer

View from the base of the statute

There are 172 stairs total, we climb them  daily

Selfie with a downward view

Well, here it is officially 1 (one) week being in RIO and gearing up for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.  Its been exciting along with the challenges of getting into a couple of routines.  Things like; what athletes are on the compound and when are their practices?  How many additional athletes & coaches show up each day and where do we start adding their post recovery treatments into the mix.  there is also the occasional switch in training schedules and locations - are they coming to our location or staying at the village?  So needless to say we are on the ever "flexible" end of things.. but perfectly fine by me.  I know from experience it's only going to ramp up with more intensity within this last week leading up to official Opening Ceremonies on Friday August 5th!!  

I am truly EXCITED!! 

Other things we  are figuring out is our daily exercise regiments - we need to stay sharp and be focused, the exercise part I think keeps us on target. I feel like my mental, physical & emotional parts are all synced up right now which is awesome.  It's also nice to wake up and be in a peaceful place as well.

We ( the medical staff) had a day off on Saturday and headed up to Christ the Redeemer - ( not that I'm a super religious person) but was in awe and inspired by its majesty and the beautiful churches in the little town at the base of the mountain.  What a Magical view from above.  From where I could stand and see the Olympic Venues it looks pretty cool... we could even see some of the rowers on the water practicing... pretty cool!

So, Ive had a steady flow of athletes on my massage table- which is super motivating ( you gotta see this massage table) and the case load will continue to grow... I say "BRING IT"  that's why I'm here.

I'm living the dream people - hard work, sacrifice and determination does pay off!   Go Team USA!!

I'm out for now... picking up my clinic shift

Always & with the Glitter!

Friday, July 29, 2016

RIO 2016 - Sports Massage Therapists Journey

Lori-Ann Gallant-Heilborn, LMT

Hello Everyone..  well, here I am but really it's WE - because I'm here with an incredible bunch of sports medical professionals.  Thats what makes up this fabulous Sports Med Team...  We are Team Lonier - High Performance Sports medicine professionals

Lee Feris, LMT

Amanda Jones, MSPT - ATC

Kevin DeWeber, MD

 So we have been on site here at Lonier for almost a week setting up the sports medical high performance facility.  There has been a steady trickle of athletes and coaching staff arriving on a daily basis - Im not going to lie, it's EXCITING!

We have all settled into a daily routine waiting for training and competition schedules.  We are staying busy.  Doc Weber and Celeste keep us updated on new information and always in a flexible mode... things can and will change in a moment.

I'll be here supporting the athletes from the US Delegation until about the 22nd of August!  This is extremely exciting and a complete honor to be here representing and working with our nations top athletes!  Go Team USA!!  

I will keep you all updated on this exciting adventure called the Olympic Games! RIO2016