Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summertime Update July 23- August 16 2015

Hey hey hey, it's been a minute since updating everyone but I've been on the GO! (Actually that's no excuse but it's the truth)

It's been a very busy & active summer for sure and still have a few weeks left until school starts up and the fall sports events come to an end and I can " slow down" a bit... But does that ever really happen?  Not yet but I'm hoping soon.

June & July had me "crewing" my Ultra Running friends in a few long distant runs along with a beach run..  The Ultras consisted of 50 miles & 100 miles.  My job was to provide support.. Food, water, first aid ( if needed) and of course sports massage at the end... Makes for long days and when it's all said & done... I need a massage!!  I have one more Ultra running event this season... It's in RI this coming Friday & Saturday.

I participated in the Sand-sational 8K with my Team USMT running (almost completely stacked with Marines) I love these tactical athletes, hard charging to the corps!! ... They all did rather well... Medals all around, makes me really proud to be part of their success~ of course they are physically fit for all of their athletic endeavors, they work hard at being & staying in shape. (That's their job). I just help keep them injury free and when muscular injuries do occur, I'm there to get them in a healthy healing environment. 

Injury malingering is NOT ALLOWED!

So far everyone is doing well while I've been away and working in the RI USMT office... Of course everyone wants to see me while I'm there (in RI) but only had the opportunity to fit in about 24 clients-athletes on this visit... Good times and really enjoyed seeing and being in the office with my #PIC Kristen ��

One thing I wanted to do while on my "vacation" was to ride the West Warwick-Coventry Bike path- man it was well worth the wait!!  I so wish there were bike paths like that in NC where I live, but it gives me something to look forward to when I come & visit. (Logged in over 50 miles of bike riding on this trip- does that qualify me as an ultra bike rider?)

Legs didn't want to work for a few days ... Sports Massage Therapist up!!!

It's also been fun driving around in the "Rolling Bill Board" - it's Bright, Bold & Flashy!!  Generates a lot of questions - gets the conversation going and it allows me to educate people on what I do.

Life is good and I'm grateful 


PS, I'll be back to Wallace Creek (Camp LeJeune) on August 17th ..& ready to ROLL!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The New & Improved "Rolling Billboard" USMT

This past week I sent the "New Guy" out for a new face lift... I have waited a long time to get it right and this is what I came up with... I love it!  I want people to know where I am, how to get in touch with me, who I work with and YES... it is BOLD & FLASHY, but would you expect anything less?

Side views

Covers all bases, required Massage license #'s, web site, phone # & of course my athletes and what they do!

This is clearly all about ME!
I have the credentials to back up my expertise!

Tells you that I am at Wallace Creek & New River Gyms

Yes, I use tools... the best ones out there and I can say that because I have used  what the "industry" says are the top 3.... I choose  #Jack

Sports massage at it's FINEST!!

Visitors to Wallace Creek

Dallas & Sarah getting advise from Marine on the Rock Wall

Sarah Navigating the Rock wall

Sarah made it to the top and is now repelling down!

This past week I was really excited to have my friend and long standing massage client from RI visit me here in NC!!
I follow her & Dallas on their "cross country" adventures while doing what they love.. Biking, running and being athletic while living out their dreams.

It was also nice to be able to show them around the new location I work at and provide them a long over due SPORTS MASSAGE... Sarah was extremely happy while it was a totally new experience for Dallas... I did "sneak up" on him with #Jack

I am still amazed that Sarah & Dallas drove all the way out to the coast to see me & get that bone crunching sports massage that so many have come to love & expect!  This is why I stay on the cutting edge of what I do... it is for YOU!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Just a little update ~ Sorry it's been so long!

             Paul, Toshia & Ted. 
            Marine Ultra Runners

I know it's been a while since writing and updating~ I apologize but it's been extremely busy.  I try to find time for me and working on the blog but most of the time I can't... Because there is too much of a demand for the work that I do (that helps you) so....At the end of a long day, I just want to close my eyes and sleep.   

I relocated to Jacksonville NC in October 2013 ~ I thought I would be able to "slow down" -( insert a sonic boom laugh right there) that thought process is and has been out the window)!

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE WHAT I DO & it is extremely beneficial to the population I came here to work with. 

My #Marines
My #Sailors
My #Athletes
#MarineAthletes. #TacticalAthletes

This is a specialty niche and this group has come to love having someone in THEIR community who knows what they need, how to treat them and provide results.  I am all about RESULTS!!

Next week I have a new marketing and advertising project that will be unveiled  -  I'm " chomping at the bit" with excitement but will keep a lid on it until then!  ( it will also "force" me to keep the web blog up to date as well) 

Enjoy your week! ~ work hard - play hard and I'll keep you in the game... & on the playing field! 

Always & with the Glitter!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Week Ahead! 4/27/15 ....

Call either one of us to get scheduled in for your Sports Massage Recovery Needs... It was a very busy athletic weekend for our #Marine #Athletes or
To just unwind & relax with a variety of massage menu choices.

�� Deep Tissue
�� Therapuetic Relaxation
�� Prenatal Massage
⚫️⚪️ Hot Stone Massage

We can clearly provide the specific massage service your looking for!

Lori-Ann: 1-401-935-9902

Look forward to hearing from our Camp Lejeune Military Family!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


YES... This is HAPPENING!!  If you are in Eastern North Carolina or interested in joining this training... head on over to the appropriate website and get signed up!!  This is an awesome opportunity... don't pass it up!   JUNE 13, 2015

The training will take place on Camp Lejeune at what we call the "Crown Jewel" of fitness centers... WALLACE CREEK

As an attendee you will need the following:  DRIVERS LICENSE & PROOF OF INSURANCE. All non- military attendee's will be required to stop at front gate to get a visitors pass for the day.
** Please be prepared for this and adjust your travel and arrival time for this process.

The Fibroblaster website has all the registration information.

If you have questions about the location of the Wallace Creek Fitness Center or items you need for entering the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, please contact me: Lori-Ann @ 401-935-9902

Monday, April 6, 2015

When you Impact an ATHLETE'S Life

What an incredible feeling to realize that you have the potential to impact a persons life with a special gift of touch, intuition and knowledge.  

I'm amazed every day when I'm sent little messages either thru a text, email, phone call or on Facebook.  Clients, Marines, Sailors & Athletes .... They are all equally appreciative of the profound improvements they receive through the application of my brand of muscular therapy sports massage.

This specialty brand of sports massage has been "tested" and is spot on with the desired results you are looking for:
• decrease in pain
• increase in overall muscular movement 
• increase in overall neurological input 
• increase in overall physical capabilities
• increase in mental attitude 

A few other things it addresses as well (just to name a few)
• realigns fascial planes
• addresses contracted, adhearded and restricted muscle tissue
• decreases scar tissue formation
• improves circulatory & lymphatic flow

There is a lot of science behind the methodology on how we work.  This is not just haphazard, we have studied the cause & effect of how, why & when of this approach... The USMT Model.  There are protocols we put in place for a proper recovery and healing process. 

We have also studied, utilized and implemented the following modalities into our work:
• ice massage (3 various applications)
• IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) 
• Rock Tape & Kineiso Taping (certified in both)

We are Experts on the muscular system ... That is the cornerstone of a solid foundation.  How can anyone expect improvements from you if you don't know the core subject matter your dealing with: Muscles

I have designed a model -a methodology on how to treat & "trick" the body to do what you ( the practitioner) wants it to do, with a proven and progressive recovery format.  YES, it does work and NO it's not a gimmic. 

It's just not the NORM in massage therapy.... It's not what was taught in massage school ... It was developed out of frustration: there's gotta be a better way to sustain continuous improvements for longer than 2 days!  This model was born after working with and being mentored by the best of the best athletic trainers, sports physical therapists and  chiropractors along with a few medical doctors and surgeons on the Olympic level. 

I have a little "catch phrase" I love using & it's SO TRUE... 
I'm a little decepticon & transformer - I use "deception" to "transform" you! 

I use "trickery" to get the body to do what I want it to do... I change the rules of the game.  I have created a way where your body will respond to the work and you will get the desired out come your looking for. 

But let's be realistic.... I (we) can not change the outcome of the following:

• birth defects
• amputations
• paralysis -spinal cord injuries
• complications from surgeries

I (we) can help improve issues associated with  those injuries but not completely resolve them.

Yes, this is a specialized methodology with years of training and understanding. And YES I LOVE what I do!!

So, when you put your passion to work... Miracles do happen!  That's everyday for me!

Always & with the Glitter!