Transformer - Decepticon

Transformer - Decepticon

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sports Massage "on the road"

This week has been a very exciting one... I headed out to the NC-AMTA state conference in Statesville...(beautiful town by the way) and took part in two (2) workshops.  The first one was event sports massage, more of a refresher course really.  But, it was nice seeing old friends and adding my 2 cents where it was needed or, more importantly.. WANTED.  The second course was not related to sports massage but very interesting and the class was very engaging.. Cudos to the organizers for a very informative event!

I couldn't stay the entire time because I had committed myself and service (sports massage) to 2 of my Marine athletes who were participating in a 40+ ultra race and I had to get prepared for my own Sprint Triathlon as well. 

I'm going to say it was really fun being part of Toshia & Paul's support team while they where out there in the hot sun running all day.  I was a little "handicapped" using "bumble bee" as my go-to vehicle on this adventure .... But I will have the BEAST back soon.  It was difficult getting the table out of the back seat, however I had a job to do and I was going to be ready for these 2 when they arrived at each one of our pre- agreed race aid stations.  Between myself providing sports massage and Kimberly & Harry providing other assistance to them.. We made a great team!

My job was keep them running: ice massage, taping when needed and stretching or the application of Biofreeze ... What ever they needed.. That was the name of the game!


We had it all out on the road supporting Paul & Toshia... Sports massage , logistics, food & water , not to mention the entertainment!  Great day!!!


Thank you Victor, Paul & Toshia for supporting me on my day!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting back to the Grind!

Yes.. Yes.. this is me with my partner in crime Kristen.  I work here at Wallace Creek ~ Camp Lejeune & she works in Providence RI.  Good Cop - Bad Cop, just depends on who & what is presented to us... that's how we play it out. :o)

I can't believe it's April already! ~ Man, time really does fly! 

Yesterday I was able to finally enjoy my first great day of beautiful weather on an actual day off!  Yes, you better believe I took total advantage of it.

Today however is another fabulous day at the office!  It's going to be a busy one and I'm pretty excited about it!  There will be a few foot baths going down!  Ready or not here it comes people because I found me a Blue Bucket for the Wallace Creek office while the Providence RI office has Red ones.  Yes, we stick with what works... R (red) W (white) & B (blue)

Well, I do have to get going... but I'll be back posting things on a more regular basis.. I promise.. it's very motivating here!

Always & YES.. with the Glitter!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Xtreme Endurance Challenge 10K, Camp Devil Dog NC

Yesterday was the first competition of my sports event season!  Yay me!... I did great, my leg & knee held up and had a few "mishaps"... One Ninja roll & a slip off a rope swing... But other than that, it was a blast!.. COLD... But a blast!!

It was interesting to experience how my muscles reacted to the terrain as I ran mile after mile and had to adjust to the mud pits, hills & trails along with the many obstacles. Crazy thing is... This helps me understand the mechanics of the leg & thigh more intently which is great for YOU! 

Why you say?.. Because I can 3 dimensionally see-feel and react positively to your injury.  Trust me... I pay attention because no one likes to be injured and in pain.

Well, I'm off to the office for a full day of my special brand of sports massage!

Enjoy your day!

Always & with the glitter!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Free Massage VS "Hired Gun"

 Normally I usually post things on athletes, sports massage or injury issues to include photos of activities that myself and fellow teammates or family members participate  in.  We all enjoy staying physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle.  

But this post is different~ today I'm going to talk about being an expert in the field of sports massage and holding out as a "HIRED GUN"

I'm sure your all wondering what I'm talking about OR you do and don't want to except the reality of what needs to happen moving forward, as in educating fellow MT's that sports massage is a specialty niche in massage and we need to be compensated appropriately.  

COMPENSATED you say?... YES! 

Let's face it, free, complimentary and even volunteering does not pay the bills.

I don't know any PT's, ATC's or Chiro's who are continually asked to volunteer or provide "free" services.

I for one am tired of how we allow our services to be minimized to that extent.

I recently relocated to NC for an incredible job opportunity and there was one thing I decided that I would not entertain when I got here ~ and that was "giving away" my services because its an accepted practice industry wide.  Again, doing this doesn't elevate your professional status nor does it pay the bills! 

I'm new here in NC but I'm confident in my skills and refuse to "dumb down" what it is that I do. I value my services and don't promote them as luxury, I promote them as a necessity.  I'm also extremely knowledgable and when I speak to potential athletes, clients & Marines... They know I'm going to provide the massage service & results they desperately need and have been looking for.

So twice I've mentioned "paying the bills" ~ let's face it money is what drives people. True Story... I have also decided that I will no longer "volunteer" my time or services ~ WHAT?!?... Are you reading this right?.. Yes you are!

Ill chose to volunteer on my own where & when I want, but it does nothing to help me if I'm continually volunteering and "giving away the farm" with my massage services. Nor does it promote me professionally and that's a fact!

Moving forward I have decided that if an athlete, sports team or organization wants my services - they will have to compensate me for the professional services of massage - my special brand of sports massage.

This is not asking to much, it really isn't. 

Things to evaluate:
Office rent / or %
Office bills ( overhead costs)
•water service
•trash pick up
•cable / phone
•Salary - yours and or office staff
•marketing / advertising

Personal financial obligations
•home rent - mortgage
•home utilities
•vehicle costs

Do you want me to continue??  When I'm out of the office - giving free massage or volunteering ( which translates to free)! Who's still responsible for paying your bills at the end of the day?

Things to look at:
Professional, semi professional & even Olympic athletes along with athletic teams and race directors ALL have the financial capabilities to pay for our massage services.  However, the massage industry has created an environment where they don't want to pay us because for so many years they have gotten it for free!  

I know your probably thinking - what is she talking about?  Face it when massage schools approach event  directors about having massage at there events or vice versa- race directors contact schools, the bottom line is having students provide a substandard service that meets the need for all involved at the time.  However it does a disservice to us all.  This is factual, going back in years to my education as a massage student I was not allowed to go out and volunteer my massage services at all before graduating.  I also can recall being at high level race events where I would be forced to work side by side with students from various schools and what a joke that was!  I felt for the students but was really pissed off at the educational staff that brought them to the event.  Not all MT's want to work in this environment... Just like not all MT's want to work in a Spa or a 1 man office... BUT we all need to collectively work toward educating the public on the importance & benefits of massage in what ever niche you chose.  We need to start placing a monetary value on our services.  

What's it going to cost you to be out of the office and on site for an athlete or sports event or even a health & wellness event?

Face it, we do not get a return on our investment when we go out and give our hard work away for FREE!

Tell me the value of free or even complimentary for that matter....

I am thriving here in NC at my new location with constant job opportunities that present themselves - but I came here to "wind down" and enjoy the area I'm living in - HOWEVER, for the right price I can & will be a "Hired Gun"!

Travel, lodging, food, daily stipen & % of lost income = traveling sports massage therapist!  ( yes people, this can be done)

I have had a great career so far and I'm not even close to being done... BUT 
I'm choosing to change the rules of the game!

Always & with the Glitter!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year - New Beginnings 2014

Here I am at the Wallace Creek Fitness center located on Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune.. What an amazing facility with amazing Marines, Sailors & dependents along with civilian contractors (NCIS) ~ that's right people!  The opportunities here are endless and the demand surpasses the supply... There is only 1 of ME! 

This is "Ground Zero" for the Professional  Military Athlete... The physical demand of their jobs & training virtually keep them in a viscous broken down state - that's where I come into play!  The special brand of sports massage I provide gets them back in the game, plus it's huge that the Navy SMART clinic staff send them over to me when they are done with them.  

This is going to be an exciting year!  I just need to remember to take care of myself in the mean time. Im not going to over work myself like I did in RI.  

Always & with the glitter!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Recap on 2013

So, here we are days away from 2014!  BUT today is a very special day so I'm going to give a huge "SHOUT OUT" to my little sister Lynn ~ Happy Birthday!! 

2013 has been an incredibly exciting and busy year.  WOWA!! ~ It all started with the preparations for a move to North Carolina.  The plan was to start a satellite office on Camp Lejeune at the newly constructed fitness facility ~ WALLACE CREEK.  that was the beginning.

Well that move didn't go as expected but it did offer opportunities of expanding the USMT brand and it's concept & theory along with educating fellow massage therapists on what we do & how we do it. 

February brought the Blizzard of 2013 to New England (RI) .. I, on the other hand was enjoying the calmer weather of NC and focused on my training for the up-coming athletic season.  Swim.. Bike & Run!  ~ those are my new fun activities and what better "play ground" to train than with a bunch of motivated Marines?  We got it all here.  Safe roads & trails to ride on and the base pool & running paths are an excellent tool as well. 

As exciting as my training was... I was still lonely for my family & team mates...the new fitness facility was still not open with no clear date in site for that Grand Opening.  After 8+ weeks of no massage.. I decided to head back to RI and the RI USMT office.  I had to get back to work... the rest was nice but I was really  missing my work and the clients & athletes who have come to rely on me.  YES, it was a difficult decision to leave them in the first place.  When I got back , it was busier than before I left and it stayed that way and actually got busier than expected and needed to start looking to hire a few more massage therapists.  (This processes is actually harder than you think)

Late March , April & May found all of us at the RI USMT office busy as little beavers getting our athletes ready for the up-coming athletic season.. our marathon athletes and the beginning of our Sports Massage Event Schedule... yes.. yes.. we have one of those.

Our first big stop on the event calendar was the Wounded Warrior Games! This was our 3rd year providing sports massage at this incredible event which takes place out at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center &  Air Force Academy.  Great week providing that much needed
spectacular sports massage service to this deserving group of military athletes. 

Kristen & I traveled to NC on two (2) separate occasions to help the NC AMTA develop their own SPORTS MASSAGE TEAM and prepare them for their first big event... Raleigh 70.3 Ironman Triathlon.  This was a lot of fun providing a training to very talented massage therapists... you know the kind that want to learn new things and who are willing to "let go" of old -antiquated information and bad habits they have carried with them from school... that's a tough one, can you imagine how hard that is?

It's also difficult to get someone to "buy into" a new concept that is virtually non -existent in the massage field... that's why the USMT is extremely successful.. we are "trail blazers" and have learned from the BEST! ( Thank you Peter, Celeste & Karen ~ we appreciate you!)  However, those that wanted to succeed are still with us!  :o)  Educating the sports massage therapist's in our profession 1 day at a time.

As much excitement as I have had up to this point it's clearly not over.. not even by a long shot.

JUNE found me out in California with my athlete Demetrius Andrade AKA ~ "Boo Boo" who is a professional boxer.  I 've been with this kid ( I say kid because he is like my second son) since 2008 where we met at the Beijing Olympics.  :o)  we have been together ever since.  My job was to "tune him up" & keep him injury free.  That's always my job and I gotta say I really enjoy it ~ sometimes more than you know.  Yes, there is a devilish grin right there and that chuckle too.

JULY found me, Gunny, Kristen & her son Jon on vacation ... on the beach!  1 week on the beach of just pure relaxation... with some "training"~ running, biking and swimming.  However, we know a FEW Marines that were "busted up" so we set up a "make shift" sports massage tent to help them out.  The funny thing is we were camping in tents on the beach... so needless to say everyone & his brother where coming through the woodwork to see about getting a free massage... sorry but there is no free massage here!  It's  always funny (not) when people find out that you are a massage therapist and all of a sudden they are grabbing their backs and saying something cliché about getting a massage... So then make an appointment, pay for it and get one! UUHHHGGG!

The end of July found all of us at the USMT office competing in the open water "Crabman Sprint Tri"... it's also where I injured but fixed my long standing leg injury... don't ask, its a long story... however there was a "silver lining" to this calamity... sorry but I can't help but laugh.

Because of this Kristen & I wouldn't be participating in our first 1/2 marathon... next year!

August was busy , very busy but it was also my dad's 70th birthday so my sisters & brother's decided to have a party for him... wowa what fun!!

So, needless to say September was a blur and October was jam packed with events and activities and the actual move to NC and the opening of the new USMT office on Camp Lejeune at Wallace Creek!
October found me in:
Lake Placid NY for the Team Trials of Bobsled, Skeleton & Luge
Camp Lejeune NC
Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC

November was a blur as well... I did a lot of DRIVING all over the place.
I also went out to Corpus Christi TX for Boo Boo's World Championship Fight, what a great trip and yes it's awesome to be ring side for your fighters fight and the ultimate outcome! WORLD CHAMPION!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Season's Greetings!

From our family to yours!  
Both the Rhode Island & North Carolina office's are spreading the Holiday Cheer!!